Second Borrower Improves Prospects to 2000 Euros Credit

If you apply for a loan of 2000 euros, you often have in mind the rescheduling of the overdrawn current account. One such step makes sense, because the interest rates are much cheaper. It also gives the debtor financial latitude for running costs.

Comparisons are worthwhile!

Compared to the approximately 16% APR that a credit line normally costs, the 6.5% of CreditOnlinerz is a real bargain. But exactly this interest rate is granted to 2/3 of the customers who get a loan of 2000 euros.

The monthly installment is € 47.26 if the loan is repaid within 48 monthly installments. In total, the 2000 Euro loan has cost 268.41 Euro.

Even cheaper there is such a loan amount at the Bankate direct. Only 4.75% APR cause low rates of 45.74 euros per month. Already included in it is the processing fee of 3.5%. With a total cost of 195.61 euros, the bank from Moneygartz is once again noticeably cheaper than CreditOnlinerz

But it can also go differently: with 326.90 euros bankile causes the highest costs in comparison. The reason for this is the interest rate of 7.95%, which is granted to the vast majority of customers. The high rejection rate also shows that the credit rating of many debtors is considered rather low.

2000 euros credit

Second borrower improves prospects to 2000 euros credit

Because even if a 2000 euro credit suggests that the bank asks the creditworthiness of the interested party less than with a higher sum, it is often rejected. Anyone who has no attachable income or a negative private credit entry, for whom the odds are bad. A second borrower whose creditworthiness is added to that of the first debtor could remedy this situation.

However, a regular income is necessary for both debtors – Unemployment benefit or Federal financial aid for students do not count as income. Even retirees could get in the granting of a € 2,000 credit difficulties: Many banks reluctant to lend to borrowers over 58 years, because a repayment in the event of death may not be secured.