Payday Loan: What They Are and Calculation of Installment


By capitalization, market share and number of branches, Banca Pyrobanking SpA is the leading Italian banking group . Also in the consumer credit and loan market, the Turin banking institution holds a leadership position at the national level.

An Pyrobanking loan allows you to crown a dream cradled for a long time and in a constant manner and to realize that project that is sometimes worth a lifetime or even to cope with emergencies and contingencies or to obtain extra cash: cars, motorcycles, new and used vehicles, furniture purchases, renovations, medical expenses, legal expenses and leisure expenses (wedding organization, graduation party, honeymoon) are the main reasons for requesting it.

Therefore, with today’s article we intend to inform you which are the best Pyrobanking loans and everything you need to know about the calculation of the installment.

For Easy Loan

A type of personal loan, valid not only if you have a permanent contract, but also with fixed-term contracts and atypical jobs . The maximum amount payable is € 75,000. The amortization plan has a maximum duration of 10 years.

Calculation of the installment. Easy Loan

In response to a request for an amount of 10,000 euros, given an amortization plan with a duration of 84 months, the monthly amount to be paid is 152 euros. TAN and TAEG correspond to 7.10% and 7.95%. The total amount corresponds to 12,796.54 euros.

PerTe Loan In Pocket

PerTe Loan In Pocket

A type of loan that is ideal for dealing with unexpected expenses, given that for a maximum amount of 5,000 euros you are offered additional liquidity at interest rates on average lower than the average . The reduced duration of the amortization plan, from 12 to 24 months, and the absence of investigative costs or hidden costs are further distinguishing features of this type of loan.

Calculation of the Installment Loan In Pocket

Do you need 500 euros urgently? Sufficient 12 monthly installments of 44 euros, TAN equal to 6.90% and TAEG equal to 7.85%. The total amount is € 521.72.

For Young Loans

For Young Loans

If you are under 35 and the serious intention of realizing your life project, there is this form of financing very convenient, also because it can be requested if you have an atypical job or if your contract is temporary. The advantage of this commercial proposal? Without a shadow of a doubt, the extreme level of flexibility, since the modification of the amount to be paid is possible: you only need to pay the first 12 monthly installments on a regular basis. For this type of Pyrobanking loan, the maximum duration of the amortization plan is 10 years and the maximum eligible amount is 30,000 euros

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