Loan without private credit and salary is not a loan offered by the house bank. Borrowers who express this loan request usually have a bad credit rating.

German banks are then very skeptical about the loan request and reject it. Nevertheless, these people still have opportunities to get a loan without private credit and salary.

Loan without private credit and salary – bad credit

Loan without private credit and salary - bad credit

Loan without private credit and salary statement – that’s how it works

Anyone in this country who makes a loan application whose credit rating is comprehensively reviewed. If the customer has a burdened private credit then the loan is rejected.

But not only with banks there are hardly any chances for a loan, also the on-line purchase noticeably suffers. It can not even be concluded a new mobile phone contract due to the bad private credit.

Although most customers know about their bad private credit, it is recommended to seek self-disclosure before applying for credit. Often wrong entries sneak under or there are entries that could already be marked as done.

However, if the private credit entries show that they are rightly in it, many loan seekers are looking for the non-proffered loan.

Loan without private credit and salary – private credit free credit

Loan without private credit and salary - private credit free credit

Loan seekers looking for a non-fictitious loan on the internet will find that there are a large number of loan offers. Behind it are not banks but credit agencies. Customers should know that not all of these exchanges work seriously. The advertisements are tailored to the needs of the loan seeker.

But even the private creditfreie credit has requirements that not every applicant can meet. Thus, a sufficient income must be above the attachment exemption limit. For a single person that would be net 1150 euros. The permanent employment which is absolutely necessary with this loan amounts to 3500 euro credit one year.

The loan rate amounts to about 105 euros and the duration is 40 months. According to research, the 3500 Euro is the most approved loan. The reason, for the other loan amounts, the minimum income is set so high that not all credit seekers can meet.

Conditions – debt-free loans

Conditions - debt-free loans

Previously, the conditions for the 3500 euros were already mentioned. The bank that offers the private credit-free loan holds three loan sums ready.

Once the mentioned:

  • 3500 euros
  • 5000 Euro
  • maximum 7500 euros

With the 3500 euro credit with only one person more in the household the income rises already to 1600 euro net, with two persons it is 1800 euro net.

The 5000 Euro credit requires the single person an income of 1800 Euro net. With one person more in the household it is 1900 euros and with two more people it is 2250 euros.

The 7500 Euro loan is expected to be 1800 Euro net, with one person more it must be 2100 Euro, with two persons an income of 2500 Euro net is required. The permanent employment which is likewise a requirement for the credit is directed to the loan sums.

For example, at the 7500 Euro, a 48-month employment period must be proven. However, the Loan without private credit and salary statement often fails not only on income, but also because no salary can be presented.

But that is a prerequisite for this loan.

Loan without private credit and salary – opportunities

Loan without private credit and salary - opportunities

Not only the bad private credit provides for a loan, but also the missing documents proving the income. Loan seekers can then increase their credit chances if they can name a solvent guarantor. A co-applicant could also have a positive effect on the credit decision. However, these persons must prove their creditworthiness on the basis of documents.

These are salary slips and bank statements. The income must be high enough. If there is a loan default on the part of the borrower, one of these persons must continue to pay the loan. In addition, the private credit must not be burdened.

Therefore, the creditworthiness of these persons must be much better than that of the borrower. From this it could be deduced that the guarantor takes the loan in his name and forwards it. At least there are better conditions.

Loan without private credit and salary – self-employment

Loan without private credit and salary - self-employment

It is often the self-employed who can provide no salary. For this reason, borrowing is much more difficult.

The self-employed can not prove a stable income, which means that the bank has no financial plan security. As a proof of credit then income tax assessments or a business evaluation are required. But with a bad private credit these credit opportunities are zero. Here, the credit from private to private could be a solution.

For this purpose, a profile can be created at credit marketplaces such as creditend or centiloan. Private Investments then bid on the loan amount. However, these investors also demand collateral. If no guarantor can be named, perhaps a property or a collateralizable insurance could serve as collateral.

Loan without private credit and salary statement – Loan brokerage

Loan without private credit and salary statement - Loan brokerage

Serious credit agencies such as Maxda or Bon Kredit do not directly advertise the loan without proof of income, but still provide opportunities. So it is not that people who can not provide proof of salary, have no income.

It is merely that these persons can not submit a contract of employment and any bank statements or other documents that indicate a sufficient and regular income. So there are lenders who also give a loan to the unemployed. Even with students, this difficult credit situation often presents itself. Many students are working to earn a living and can therefore also provide no salary.

The same scenario is for self-employed. The lender, however, wants and must be certain that he will receive his lent money again.



The loan without private credit and salary has the worst possible conditions. Nevertheless, with the help of the above-mentioned loan collateral, a loan can come about. Also, the credit coming from the personal loan platforms creates an alternative. Also important in a positive credit decision is the amount of the loan amount. So a small loan is approved rather than a loan with a high loan amount.