Loan for dental practice – planning safe – 20+ banks compared

A Loan for Dental Practice has very different priorities in terms of cost effectiveness. When starting with a dental practice expensive equipment must be purchased in addition to the rooms for the practice.

This creates a credit line of up to 300,000 euros and more. Here a lender must be found, who financially accompanies the dentist at least in the first years.

Loan for Dental Practice – situation as a business start-up

Loan for Dental Practice - situation as a business start-up

Loan for Dental Practice – now unaffected compare

If you want to open a dentist’s surgery, first of all you have to ask yourself a question or does he start a new practice. If a practice is newly founded, there are various loans that would be possible.

It is important that the dentist is self-employed, which requires a high loan amount. So not only the rooms must be rented, but the practice must be fully equipped. In addition to the medical equipment, this also includes possible conversion measures and modernization. Also, the personnel costs to be applied must not be forgotten.

This can cost from 100,000 to 300,000 euros. Since there is currently a low interest rate, a loan would be worthwhile. Interest payment loans would then be an option. During the term the debit interest is paid. In order to repay Bauspar contracts or endowment policies can be saved at the same time. The accumulated sums then pay off the loan at the end of the term.

Loan for Dental Practice – care should be taken

Loan for Dental Practice - care should be taken

Who wants to open a practice, should get a good overview of his finances. For example, the repayment term should be based on the useful life of the equipment and machines and not exceed them.

This prevents a new loan from becoming due and the old one is not yet paid. This could lead to payment difficulties, which could endanger the existence.

Loan for Dental Practice – Possibilities

Loan for Dental Practice - Possibilities

In addition to the credit for entrepreneurs, there is the current account credit, the repayment loan or the annuity loan. A loan for dental practice can therefore exist in different variants.

Which loan is suitable for this depends on the purchases that have to be made and also on the future planning. As a far-sighted and ambitious dentist, there will be no difficulty getting the right loan. Because if the practice starts well, or just when a practice was taken over with patient base, can be expected with a high income. Thus, there should be no problems with the repayment of the loan.

The Loan for Dental Practice – the current account credit

The Loan for Dental Practice - the current account credit

This loan is provided by the bank and represents a loan amount that will be transferred to the practice account. The loan can be used at any time, similar to the credit line.

However, this loan should be used only for a short time, in an emergency, for example. Interest will only be charged on the amount claimed. Often, however, the account can be easily overdrawn, but should not happen every month.

This could happen, for example, when purchasing practice materials.

Loan for Dental Practice – promotional loans

Loan for Dental Practice - promotional loans

Anyone who becomes self-employed as a dentist can obtain a loan from the state and the federal government for a dental practice. There are grants for start-ups and publicly-funded loans. The loan is not taxed and does not have to be repaid. The start-up loan has a term of three years.

The applicant receives 600 euros for the first year, 300 euros for the second year and 240 euros for the third year each month.

Loan for Dental Practice – Requirements

Loan for Dental Practice - Requirements

If you apply for a loan to open a dental practice, you must submit a business plan. This plan is crucial because the location of the practice gives Information about the eventual eventual merit. If the practice is opened in a village, the profit may be lower than in a practice in the city.

This allows the bank to draw up a financing plan that shows the amount of the loan. The bank will also query the private credit and this should ideally not be charged. The dentist can team up with a management consultant to better communicate his loan request.

Loan for Dental Practice – Credit Comparison

Loan for Dental Practice - Credit Comparison

The loan amount is calculated by whether a practice is newly founded or an existing practice is taken over. Generally, it is important to set up a cost plan so that the loan amount can be calculated.

With a so-called loan calculator can then be searched on the Internet for a favorable loan offers. For a non-binding offer and the house bank should be visited. Likewise, the credit should not be forgotten by KfW Bank. The focus should be on the APR as well as on special repayments.

Individual founders can often receive a starting fee of 50,000 euros. What is missing then, can contribute a loan.

Loan for Dental Practice – Special Repayment

Loan for Dental Practice - Special Repayment

A special repayment should necessarily be included in the credit agreement. Thus, the inventory of the dental practice can be depreciated degressive, which is just in tax reductions in the first years shows.

Therefore, it is important to arrange special repayments. Thus, the repayment term can be shortened, the loan is paid faster. The length of the term is crucial to how high the credit installments are. With the Loan for Dental Practice often a term up to twelve years can be selected.

This keeps the credit installments affordable. Especially when it comes to a high loan amount, a long term should be chosen. Smaller rates are also useful if the practice is re-established and the first patients have to come first.

The situation is different when a practice is taken over and the patient base already exists.


Those who want to start their own business must submit a liquidity review for the next three years. As a possible collateral security, for example, the medical devices can be used. If the practice should be sold, the bank can receive the proceeds of sale. In most cases, banks are happy with it, especially since a good credit rating is required for a dentist.

However, if the partner has a high salary, then this can also secure the loan.