Car Loans for Trainees

Trainees have their first salary, with which many wishes can be fulfilled. But if you want to buy a car, you will quickly realize that the salary of an apprentice will not go far. Often not even a used car to pay so that this desire can not be met immediately. But there is help, in the form of car loans for trainees. This is awarded by almost every bank and is tailored to a trainee.

What requirements must be met for a car loan?

What requirements must be met for a car loan?

For car loans for apprentices, a lot has to be considered. The applicant should be at least 18 years old, because then he does not need a signature from the parents for the loan. In addition, he has been training for some time, because he is not allowed to be in the probationary period. In the probationary period, the employment relationship can be dissolved from morning to morning, so that it is then too uncertain for the bank to give out a car loan.

The trainee must submit his apprenticeship contract, his last account statements and a private credit permit. Ideally, it would be if the applicant still lives at home, since he then has no burden, if he himself already has to pay the rent. A budget tells you if there is any money at all, if all costs have been paid. With the money left over, car loans can be paid for apprentices.

Autobank or house bank – what is better?

Autobank or house bank - what is better?

Which bank is the best, always depends on who can show what offer. In a credit comparison, the trainee can see what the cost of a car loan will be. These costs can vary greatly, as interest rates also vary from bank to bank. If the credit is taken at the house bank, the trainee gets the money transferred to the account.

So he could pay for the vehicle in cash and often receives rebates from the dealer. For auto banks, the interest rates are often low, but discounts are only awarded if it is a special vehicle. Therefore, it should be considered in advance exactly what you want and what you are willing to spend. Only then should a contract be signed, where at the beginning also the monthly installments are fixed.