Loan for dental practice – planning safe – 20+ banks compared

A Loan for Dental Practice has very different priorities in terms of cost effectiveness. When starting with a dental practice expensive equipment must be purchased in addition to the rooms for the practice. This creates a credit line of up to 300,000 euros and more. Here a lender must be found, who financially accompanies the […]

Loan without private credit and salary – problem unbureaucratically solved

Loan without private credit and salary is not a loan offered by the house bank. Borrowers who express this loan request usually have a bad credit rating. German banks are then very skeptical about the loan request and reject it. Nevertheless, these people still have opportunities to get a loan without private credit and salary. […]

Car Loans for Trainees

Trainees have their first salary, with which many wishes can be fulfilled. But if you want to buy a car, you will quickly realize that the salary of an apprentice will not go far. Often not even a used car to pay so that this desire can not be met immediately. But there is help, […]

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